The Joys of Parroting

The Joys of Parroting

A parrot is a bundle of attitude, bad manners, loudness, messiness, and sweetness. Always the center of attention, unpredictible, and never boring. A drama queen and a glutton, always sneaking and plotting how to get what it wants. Lots can be learned from parrots. How to be relentless and always keep trying to get a sip of that forbidden coffee... Never take no for an answer even if it means being kicked out of the room twenty times in a row... Loudly demand to be left alone if one needs a moment in the cage with a mirror... Do whatever it takes to get a cuddle when in need of attention... Always explore, explore, and explore... Meet Basil, Manuel, and Stephie. The masters of our home.


Quaker Parrots as Pets: Featuring Guest Blogger Joanna Grinberg-Ayala

If you wanna know all about living with a quaker parrot, check out our guest blog post at our friend’s blog – Students with Birds:

Three Birds and a Cloud

Quaker Parrots, also known as Monk Parakeets, are said to be vivacious and noisy ‘big’ birds tucked into 90-140 gram bodies. For guest blogger Joanna Grinberg-Ayala, founder of Diary of a Kooky Parrot blog, this definitely holds true. She explores what life with quirky quaker parrot ‘Basil’ is really like – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is one real owner’s perspective on what these small parrots are like as pets; the post is part of an ongoing series that seeks to educate the public about life with pet birds. Let’s give Joanna and the fabulous Basil a warm welcome!

You can also follow Basil’s antics on either of her Facebook pages (or Twitter):


Bazyl-todo Quaker Parrot – what to do?

I was asked to write about my life with a quaker parrot… to show prospective quaker parrot owners what they’re in for. So here it comes – the good, the…

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Budgie needs sleep

Budgie needs sleep


Parrot supervisor:

Parrot supervisor:


Cleaning’s a waste of time around here!

Cleaning's a waste of time around here!


Do you mind?

Do you mind?


Budgie wants to sleep

Budgie wants to sleep


Budgie landing!

Budgie landing!


Lettuce extravaganza

Lettuce extravaganza

Each parrot has different objective for eating their veggies:


Parrot Fitness by Basil

Parrot Fitness by Basil


Parrot yoga

Parrot yoga


HEY!!! I was watching that!

HEY!!! I was watching that!


Wet parrot alert!!!

Wet parrot alert!!!


Parrot is scared…

Parrot is scared...





Quaker fears budgie bombs!


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